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Project outline

What is the aim of the HURNAC?

Researchers of the Hokkaido University study African culture, education, society, ecosystem, engineering, etc. Recently, we have established the “Hokkaido University Research Network with African Countries” (HURNAC) to strengthen international cooperation with African countries and to promote research development in Africa.

What are the activities of the HURNAC?

Establishing a research network at the Hokkaido University is one of the major results of this network. We conduct seminars and symposia to share information on African research. We also broadly disseminate information at home and abroad on our research activities and results.

Who are the members of the HURNAC?

A variety of members participate in this network, including the Institutes of nature science, medicine, veterinary science, economics, engineering, culture, education, etc. We are a transdisciplinary network group. Please see the members page for details.

Which countries have joined the HURNAC?

Our network promotes active and collaborative studies with numerous southern, northern, eastern, and western countries in Africa. The Hokkaido University established an overseas office in Zambia in 2012 to support collaborative research and education with these countries.

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