--Welcome reception (28th Aug)--

18:00-20:00: Restaurant in Garden Court, O.R. TAMBO International Airport

--Symposium kick off meeting (28th Aug)--

Meeting room in Garden Court, O.R. TAMBO International Airport


--Opening (29th Aug)--

Moderator: Prof. Johan van VUREN (University of Johannesburg)



Opening Remarks

Acting Dean Prof. Annemarie OLDEWAGE (University of Johannesburg)


--Oral Sessions (29th Aug)--

Morning Oral Session (8:20-12:00)


Keynote address

Prof. Victor  WEPENER (North-West University)

Ecological risk assessment of chemicals – science or management tool?

Chairperson: Johan van VUREN (University of Johannesburg)


Session A: Organochlorine pesticides; Ecological Effects

Chairperson: Corrie WOLMARANS (North-West University)


O-1 9:00-9:20: Nico J SMIT (North-West University)

Baseline levels and trophic transfer of organochlorine pesticidesic in biota from a sub-tropical floodplain in Africa.


O-2 9:20-9:35: Ruan GERBER (University of Johannesburg)

Comparison of the Olifants and Luvuvhu River aquatic food webs, potential food web disturbances and dietary patterns of Hydrocynus vittatus as revealed by stable isotope analyses.


O-3 9:35-9:50: Hilde KEMP (North-West University)

A semi-quantitative survey of macroinvertebrates at selected sites to evaluate the ecosystem health of the Olifants River



Coffee Break


Session B: Heavy metals;

Current pollution situation in Africa and its toxicological effects

Chairperson: Kenne de KOCK (North-West University)


O-4 10:10-10:30: Lawrence Ikechukwu EZEMONYE (University of Benin)

Assessment of Chemical Additives and Heavy Metals in Selected Canned Foods in Nigeria: Levels and Human Health Implications.


O-5 10:30-10:50: Yabe JOHN (University of Zambia)

Pb excretion in feces and urine of exposed children from polluted townships in Kabwe, Zambia


O-6 10:50-11:10: Osei AKOTO (KNUST)

Distribution of heavy metals in organs of sheep and goat reared in Obuasi, a gold mining town in GHANA


O-7 11:10-11:30: Daniel OLORUNFEMI (University of Benin)

Impact of respiratory dust and phytotoxicity evaluation in a solid mineral processing factoriy in Mid-western Nigeria


O-8 11:30-11:45: Emmanuel Temiotan OGBOMIDA (National Centre for Energy and Environment)

Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Residues in Tissues of Cattle and Goats in Benin City, Nigeria


O-9 11:45-12:00: Tarryn Lee BOTHA (University of Johannesburg)

Aquatic toxicology of gold nanoparticles (nAu) in Danio rerio



Lunch & Poster Discussion Time


Afternoon Oral Session


Symposium lecturer

Pollution Problems in Africa

Prof. Nabil H. H. BASHIR (University of Gezira)

Chairperson: Wageh Sobhy DARWISH (Zagazig University)


Session C: Organochlorine pesticides; Physiological Effects)

Chairperson: Paul Fewou MOUNDIPA


O-10 14:25-14:45: Yoshinori IKENAKA (Hokkaido University)

Human and ecological health risk assessment of pesticides used for vector control: Current situation and problems of DDT use in Africa


O-11 14:45-15:00: Rialet PIETERS (North-West University)

Detecting aryl hydrocarbon ligands in abiotic matrices of the Phongola floodplain in South Africa, using a reporter gene bio-assay.


O-12 15:00-15:15: Ermias Deribe WELDEMARIAM (Hawassa University)

The importance of trophic position in biomagnification of DDT and its metabolites in four fish species of a tropical lake


O-13 15:15-15:30: Nicolaas Johannes WOLMARANS (North-West University)

DDT in amphibians from the lower Phongola floodplain, South Africa.


O-14 15:30-15:45: Claire Michelle EDWARDS (University of Johannesburg)

Biomarkers of pollution in Synodontis zambesensis and Hydrocynus vittatus in the lower Pongola River and Floodplain.


O-15 15:45-16:00: Hazuki MIZUKAWA (Hokkaido University)

Contamination status of organohalogen compounds and their metabolites in the blood of pet dogs and cats



Coffee Break


Session D: Food contamination

Chairperson: Osei AKOTO


O-16 16:20-16:40: Paul Fewou MOUNDIPA (University of Yaounde I)

Exposure to Food contaminants in Cameroon: bio-monitoring of bisphenol A using urinary biomarker approach


O-17 16:40-17:00: Angèle TCHANA N. (University of Yaounde I)

Dietary exposure of the population of Yaounde-Cameroon to heavy metals and Bisphenol A


O-18 17:00-17:20: Wageh Sobhy DARWISH (Zagazig University)

Antibiotics residues in different poultry meats marketed in Egypt



Vice Dean Prof. Mayumi ISHIZUKA (Hokkaido University)



18:00-20:00: Restaurant in Garden Court, O.R. TAMBO International Airport

--Consortium kick off meeting--

20:00-21:00: Meeting room in Garden Court, O.R.TAMBO International Airport