Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,


It is a pleasure and honour to welcome you to the 6th International Toxicology Symposium in Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. The symposium is hosted by the University of Johannesburg, North West University and the Hokkaido University. It is a privilege to organize this meeting where leading researchers and dedicated students from African countries and Japan will share their results on relevant and interesting research in the field of toxicology. Since the first meeting in Zambia in 2009 this symposium has developed a platform for the presentation and discussion of the important threats that the chemicals used in mining, industry and agriculture pose on human and environmental health.

Mining activity in Africa is annually increasing and it brings wealth and prosperity to the countries and their citizens. The impact of these activities on the natural environment has to be determined and the results used to develop management plans to ameliorate the effects thereof on humans and their environment. The continuous spraying of pesticides is one of the necessary evils to protect human populations against malaria and other vector driven diseases. I am therefore confident that the results presented during the symposium will provide us with more information on the detrimental effects of these chemicals on humans and the natural environment. Delegates have the opportunity to discuss the most recent findings in the different fields of toxicological research in the countries represented at the symposium.

Prof Johan van Vuren Pr. Sci. Nat.
Department of Zoology
Kingsway Campus
University of Johannesburg
PO Box 524
Auckland Park