Poster Program

Poster Session (11:15-12:40)


P-1 Heavy metal residues in fish and shell fish marketed in Zagazig city, Egypt

Mohamed Abdallah HUSSEIN (Egypt)


P-2 The effect of a sulphuric acid spill on metal concentrations in the Nyl River.

Simone DAHMS (South Africa)





P-4 Zinc and Cadmium concentrations in the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), Thohoyandou, Limpopo, South Africa

Nathan Jay BAKER (South Africa)


P-5 Used Lead Acid vehicle battery challenges in Zimbabwe: A case study of the City of Chinhoyi



P-6 Metal concentrations in the water and sediment of a pristine river system in the North-West Province of South Africa.

Hilde KEMP (South Africa)


P-7 Heavy metal contamination in corals from Sodwana and Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Areas, South Africa

Veronica VAN DER SCHYFF (South Africa)


P-8 Experimental approaches of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity assessment of cadmium, mercury and their mixture on clarias gariepinus

Patient GUEDENON (Benin)


P-9 The influence of acid volatile sulphides (AVS) on metal bioavailabilty from sediments of the Olifants River, South Africa

Victor WEPENER (South Africa)


P-10 The influence of acid volatile sulphides (AVS) on metal bioavailabilty from sediments of the Olifants River, South Africa

Victor WEPENER (South Africa)


P-11 Assessment of exposure to toxic elements (As, Pb, Cd and Hg), and DDTs in four species of birds from Ethiopia



P-12 Exposure levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals in wild rats in Kumasi, Ghana

Nesta BORTEY-SAM (Japan)


P-13 PAH Levels in smoked fish species from selected markets in Benin City, Nigeria: Potential Risks to Human Health



P-14 Analysis for persistence organic pollutants (PAHs, PCBs and OCPs) in water, fish and humans from Lagos Lagoon and Industrial environment.

David Kehinde ADEYEMI (Nigeria)


P-15 The effect of DDT and its metabolites on the structure of the shells of the eggs of the House Sparrow, Passer domesticus: A morphometric study

Lindi STEYN (South Africa)


P-16 DDT concentrationss in Xenopus sp. fat and the Grey Heron eggs in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Ignatius Michael VILJOEN (South Africa)


P-17 Pesticide residues in water from rivers and lakes in Lake Tanganyika basin, Tanzania

John Andrew Marco MAHUGIJA (Tanzania)


P-18 Effect of chronic pesticides exposure in farm workers health of a Camerounian community

Dieudonné Pascal CHUISSEU DJAMEN (Cameroon)


P-19 Bioaccumulation of PBDEs in the mudfish from the Vaal River, South Africa

Natasha VOGT (South Africa)


P-20 Non-cancer risk associated with the consumption of elestes baramoze and synodontis bastiani
contaminated with organochlorine pesticides from warri river, Nigeria

Endurance Edigue EWERE (Nigeria)


P-21 Growth inhibition due to light blocking effects of gold nanoparticles (nAu) on Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata (algae)

Tarryn Lee BOTHA (South Africa)


P-22 Aflatoxin and fumonisin in corn production chain in Bafia, centre cameroon: impact of processing techniques.

Evelyne NGUEGWOUO (Cameroon)


P-23 Nutrient loads on an important watercourse. Pre- and Post-Acid spill.

Ryaz Saddam Musa (South Africa)


P-24 Estimated dietary exposure to veterinary residues in chicken and eggs

Sylvester Samuel Dapaah (Ghana)


P-25 Catalase Activity and Malondialdehyde Content in two crustacean species from sub-tropical river sections in a leading conservation area.

Gregg Jansen van Rensburg (South Africa)


P-26 An assessment of the freshwater mollusc diversity in the Mooi River catchment area, North-West Province, South Africa

Kenné Ncolaas DE KOCK (South Africa)


P-27 The aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity and selected abiotic factors of the Mooi River catchment area, North-West Province, South Africa

Uanè PRETORIUS (South Africa)


P-28 Effects of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) on the embryonic development of the freshwater mollusc Bulinus tropicus

Linnae HANEKOM (South Africa)


P-29 The aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity and physical parameters in the Loop Spruit and Mooi River, North-West Province

Johannes ERASMUS (South Africa)


P-30 Antioxidant enzymes in Oreochromis niloticus as early warning signals in assessing pollution from Acid Mine Drainage and diffuse sources

Zviregei JIRI (South Africa)


P-31 Health Implications of Metals Assessed in Frequently Consumed Canned Sardines and Corned Beefs in Benin City Metropolis



P-32 Assessment of heavy metal levels and petroleum hydrocarbons in Pomadasys peroteti (Cuvier, 1830) of Benin River in relation to human health.

Alex Ajeh ENUNEKU (Nigeria)


P-33 Heavy metal concentrations in surface water and bioaccumulation in fish (brycinus longipinnis)
and shrimp (macrobrachium macrobrachium) from Koko river, Koko, Delta state.

Princewill orinami ADEBAYO (Nigeria)


P-34 Human Health Risk of Pesticide Residues in Sediments through non dietary exposures.



P-35 Levels of Benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) in Smoked and Barbecued Fish within Benin Metropolis.

Nosakhare Osazee ERHUNMWUNSE (Nigeria)