--Welcome reception (29th Aug)--
18:00-20:00 Restaurant at Hotel

--Opening (30th Aug)--
Moderator Prof. Wageh S. Darwish and Prof. Yoshinori Ikenaka
8:00-8:10 Opening Remarks
Prof. Mayumi Ishizuka


Session: Keynote Address

KA-1 8:10-8:35 Prof. Dr. Ebied Saleh
President of Damanhur University and Progessor of Food Safety
Chair person Prof. Ezemonye Lawrence


Session A: Food Poisoning and food contamination 1; Heavy Metals

Chair person Prof. Morshdy Alaa Eldin and Prof. Wageh S. Darwish

O-1 8:35-8:50 ABD-EL AAL Salah Fathy
Toxic metals screening in concentrated milks and assessment of transfer from packaging materials

O-2 8:50-9:05 BAYOUMI Mohamed Abdelhakim
Camel milk metal’s status, a mini survey on Libyan camel milk

O-3 9:05-9:20 Abd El-Kader Mahdy
Chemical quality of water supplies to poultry farms in Egypt


9:20-9:40 Coffee break


Session B: Environmental Pollution and Public health

Chair person Dr. Shouta Nakayama and Prof. Hayder Abdelgader

SL-1 9:40-10:00 YABE John
Kabwe childhood lead poisoning: past, present and future

O-4 10:00-10:15 TOYOMAKI Haruya
Lead exposure on human samples in African countries: a mini review

O-5 10:15-10:30 DARKO Godfred
Estimated health risks associated with consumption toxic metals in fish raised from sewage-fed aquaculture

O-6 10:30-10:45 OGBOMIDA Emmanuel Temiotan
Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals via Consumption of Muscle and Offal of Free-Range Animals from Benin City

O-7 10:45-11:00 MOUNDIPA Paul
Study of Oxidative stress and Epigenetic modifications in High Blood Pressure Individual Leaving in an Environment Containing Mycotoxins and Bisphenol A


11:00-12:20 Poster Discussion Time
11:00~11:40 Core time for odd numbers
11:40~12:20 Core time for even numbers

12:20-13:40 Lunch


Session C: Situation of environmental pollution in Africa

Chair person Dr. Hazuki Mizukawa and Dr. Darko Godfred

O-8 13:40-13:55 ABDELGADER Hayder
Pesticide Use in Sudan: Historical Background and Future Prospective

O-9 13:55-14:10 EZEMONYE Lawrence
Heavy Metals Concentrations in Sediment and Benthic Fauna (Chrysichthys auratus and Tympanotonus fuscatus) of Benin River: Application of Risk Assessment Indices.

O-10 14:10-14:25 Greenfield Richard
Heavy metals in Mopane worms from Kruger National Park

O-11 14:25-14:40 PIETERS Rialet
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon toxicity assessment of urban sediments, South Africa

O-12 14:40-14:55 WOLMARANS Corrie
The Possible Association between Selected Sediment Characteristics and the occurrence of heavy metals in a highly Pristine River in South Africa


14:55-15:15 Coffee break


Session D: Food poisoning and food contamination 2; Other chemicals

Chair person Dr. Osei Akoto and Prof. Rialet Pieters

O-13 15:15-15:30 MAHUGIJA John Andrew Marco
Levels of Pesticide Residues in Fruits and Vegetables from Markets in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

O-14 15:30-15:45 MOHAMED Mohamed Elsayed
Distribution of the gene encoding thermostable direct hemolysin in Vibrio paraehemolyticus isolates of marine fish in Alexandria, Egypt

O-15 15:45-16:00 ATANDA Olusegun
Dietary exposure to mycotoxins and risk assessment for adult consumers of locally processed rice from Nigeria

O-16 16:00-16:15 OGBEIDE Ozekeke
Risk Characterization of Pesticide Residues in Tympanotonus fuscatus (periwinkle) obtained from selected markets in Benin City, Nigeria.


Session E: Diagnosis and treatment

Chair person Prof. Paul Moundipa and Prof. Yoshinori Ikenaka

O-17 16:15-16:30 SAKAI Ryosei
Basic sciences for safety of glutamate and MSG: intestinal metabolism of dietary glutamate in rats

O-18 16:30-16:45 OSEI Akoto
Effects of Per-household treatments on chlorpyrifos residues in Lettuce (Lactuce sativa)

O-19 16:45-17:00 OLORUNFEMI Daniel Ikudayisi
Application of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) to detect the genotoxic effects of cassava effluents

O-20 17:00-17:15 ISHII Chihiro
Creating a model of renal damage in chicken and glycomic approach to identify novel biomarkers for kidney injury in birds


--Closing Remarks--
17:15-17:30 Prof. Alaa Morshdy & Dr. Wageh S. Darwish

--Symposium Photo--