Poster Program

Poster Session (12:00-12:50)


P-1 Analysis of metalaxyl and copper-based fungicide in commercial brands and contaminated soil in Cameroon

AMADI Sixtus Ikexhukwu (Nigeria)


P-2 Risk assessment of mycotoxins in stored maize grains consumed by infants and young children in Nigeria

ADETUNJI Modupeade Christianah (Nigeria)


P-3 Biochemical and oxidative impairments following chronic low-dose co-exposure to lead, cadmium and manganese in rats: Hepato-renal effects

OLADIPO Olusola O (Nigeria)


P-4 Public Health Implication of PAHs in Soil Samples from a Petroleum Refining Area.

OGBEIDE Ozekeke (Nigeria)


P-5 Potential human health risk implications of heavy metals in imported frozen fish species from a rural market in West Africa

WANGBOJE Oiseoje (Nigeria)


P-6 Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Canned Fish

ERHUNMWUNSE Nosakhare Osazee (Nigeria)


P-7 Pharmaceuticals in Nigerian waters: an emerging pollutant

ERHUNMWUNSE Nosakhare Osazee (Nigeria)


P-8 Heavy Metals Concentrations from High Traffic Areas in Benin City

BIOSE Ekene (Nigeria)


P-9 Assessment of Heavy Metals from Abattoirs in Benin City

ENUNEKU Alex Ajeh (Nigeria)


P-10 Environmental Evaluation of Soils Collected from Solid Waste Collection Site at Ekiosa Market, Benin City, Nigeria.

IMARHIAGBE Emmanuel Esosa (Nigeria)


P-11 Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide nanoparticles induce genotoxicity and nephrotoxicity via oxidative stress

FADOJU Opeoluwa Motunrayo (Nigeria)


P-12 Cytogenotoxicity induced in rats (Rattus norvegicus) exposed in-situ to underground water and ambient air emissions at a municipal landfill, Nigeria

GBADEBO Adeyinka Michael (Nigeria)


P-13 Oreochromis niloticus as a biological indicator of heavy metal contamination of Challawa River, Kano State Nigeria: a preliminary study of its Human Health risk

UCHENDU Chidiebere (Nigeria)


P-14 Pancreas at a glance in chronic glyphosate exposure in rats: mitigative role of zinc

TIZHE Emmanuel Vandi (Nigeria)


P-15 In vitro anti-fascioliasis and reproductive toxicity assessments of poly lactic acid curcumin-nisin co-entrapped nanoparticle

OYEYEMI Ifeoluwa (Nigeria)


P-16 Cyanide Toxicity-A New Chitosan-Methyl Orange-Metal Complex Chemosensing Risk Eliminating Device in Healthcare Innovation



P-17 Toxicity studies of haematological parameters and blood film of wistar rats exposed to dumpsite leachate

IBEZUTE Albert, Chukwuemeka (Nigeria)


P-18 Evaluation of acute, biochemical and haematological subacute effects of Nalongo's Uganda renal- hepatic disorders herbal potion in Wistar rats

EZEONWUMELU Joseph Obiezu Chukwujekwu (Nigeria)


P-19 Distribution of algal toxins in the coastal waters of Nigeria

KADIRI Medina Omo (Nigeria)


P-20 HPLC-MS detection of Mycotoxins produced by an isolate of Fusarium sp when infecting rice

TOGHUEO Rufin Kouipou (Cameroon)


P-21 Organochlorine pesticides residues in fish in, Egypt

THARWAT Ahmed Elsayed (Egypt)


P-22 Screening of dairy products marketed in Egypt for aflatoxin-M1 contamination and heavy metal residues.

MOHAMED Asmaa Salah (Egypt)


P-23 Estimated dietary exposure to veterinary residues in chicken eggs

ODEI Judith (Ghana)


P-24 Novel sequencing of genes in a South African sentinal fish species

EDWARDS Claire Michelle (South Africa)


P-25 Commonly Consumed KHAT (Catha Edulis) leads to Neurological Toxic Effects in Wistar Rats

ECHORU Isaac (Uganda)


P-26 Wild rat's bio-distribution analysis for pesticide DDT from South Africa

OGAWA Tetsuro (Japan)